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CD IV Metrobank MTAP DepEd MATH CHALLENGE Elementary Level

“CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL DE JESUS COLLEGE FOR BAGGING THE FIRST PLACE ROM GRADES 1 TO 6 IN THE CD 4 DEPED MTAP MATH CHALLENGE. I am overwhelmed with the passion and dedication of the teachers/coaches in imparting their expertise to their pupils. The same commendation is true with the pupil contestants who are very obedient and cooperative in their tedious reviews. I am so proud of you children! Indeed, you bring so much pride and honor in our department. My sincerest thanks goes to the parents also who support us in all our undertakings. You are all part of our success! Definitely, we offer this recognition to the GJC ADMINISTRATORS who never fail to provide us the inspiration to attain our goal. Thank you so much for the appreciation! To GOD BE the GLORY!” -Mrs. @Magnolia G. Sugay, Principal General de Jesus College Elementary Department



By Florivee Erese

The word leadership is just like any other word in the dictionary that has several altered meanings. It has different connotations given by nature, by people and by the culture where it is widely used. Every person can say what he thinks and knows about it. Everyone can be a leader in his own.

But the question is… How to be an efficient, effective and respected leader? What do you have to have to qualify as one? It’s for me to write and for you to read how this one certain person sees the perspective of a true leadership as he take one step forward in being the President of the College Student Council of General de Jesus College.

Fourth year Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education student, John Edward Medina Flores, I can say is the one you’re looking for to comprehend the characteristics and qualities you must possess to be called and treated as a true leader.

Edward was born a normal person without any superpower. He is just like a typical teenager who loves reading novels especially those books that teach moral values about life; and, one specific book he said his favorite of all is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

He’s just that usual pet lover who has a big heart for white cats. Sometimes, he turns into a child who is unmindful of his health because of his best-loved pork belly. And don’t you worry for being alone, because he is also just a commoner who is requisite of taking the backbreaking days of school life.

Not all people know him to the greatest extent. He still has other attributes that are not kept secret but aren’t well-known, too. He has many funny bones and when you take time to get to know him better, you’ll realize that he is the exact opposite of the usual first impression that other students label him—a snob.

Another unnamed fact about him is that he desires to enter seminary for too many to mention reasons.

In terms of handling a high position in the student council, he may not be perfect but he’s not lacking as well. Experience already taught him how to contribute greatly in any circumstance. But inevitably, there are times that everything happening to him seems going down. Those times when it seems like everything is against his will, when the challenge of satisfying people’s demands turns out to be harder and when everyone is telling him to stop persisting. But then at the end of the day, his strong faith in God and in other people who serve as his motivation and inspiration turn him downside up. He realized that he is very blessed for having best friends, classmates, and special someone who never get tired of giving him true hopes, telling him that he can do it and supporting him in everything he does.

A preacher and businessman Bo Sanchez once said that in order to be an effective worker, one must marry his goals and hire his strategies. One can say that Edward is doing the same. His main goal is to serve the students faithfully and then leave a mark that will serve as his legacy to be remembered as a great contribution from his term of service.

He makes sure that his goals are unchangeable and to continuously keep it as it is, he marries and gets attached to it. On the other hand, in making decisions on what to do, he always ask God for help and guidance. He believes in signs that are impossible but probable. He only hires strategies on how to do tasks effectively. So that, when the time comes that his hired strategies are already not working out, he can immediately fire them and then hire more efficient strategies capable of going with the flow of the changing world.

After knowing what kind of leader Edward is, might as well learn some lessons and get some advices from him. He truly believes that life is not a matter of chances but a matter of choices. Can you be a leader or not, it’s your choice. For him, a true leader is the person who may not be the most intelligent inside the classroom but as an individual is best in motivating and serving as a role model to his fellowmen.

“As a leader, you must do your duties and responsibilities without offending anyone, without favoring one more than the other. You have your own mind, use your brain, decide, stand for what is right and never listen to erroneous ideas from crab-minded people around you. You are the leader; you must already know what to do because you do what is right.”

Edward says that as the CSC president, he believes that a sound organization is attained only if there is cooperation among the people in that community. The council needs the cooperation of the students because if one cannot do a task, many can.

“And lastly, I, as your fellow student, would like to say to all of you that we must enjoy our college life. I usually see many students who are very eager to study hard. They are always with their wide and big books to the point that they stress themselves out. Try to enjoy your life and learn to balance. Allot a time for studies, for social life and most of all, for God.”

BSA bags medals in PICPA Quiz Bowl

By Daniel Halili

GJCians bagged awards during the last Philippine Institute of Certified Accountants (PICPA) Quiz Bowl held on July 18 at Wesleyan University of the Philippines, Cabanatuan City.
Among the third year accountancy students who joined were Nancy Candro, Jaycee Chris Toribio and Jonathan Balagtas, who then won third place.
Contending fourth year students were Febe Isorena, Louielyn Empaynado and Hubert de Luna, who won as second place.
Our contestants were accompanied by Mr. Ken Gie Cruel, Ms. Ernalyn Cariaga, and Mr. Jeffrey Franco, dean of Accountancy Department.
Other schools who joined the said competition were Wesleyan University, Auraullo University, Manuel Gallego Foundation, College of Immaculate Concepcion and Eduardo L. Joson College.

Goodbye Pilipinas, Hello Filipinas

Pilipinas copy
2013 Billy Santos BSBA 3rd yr for the LInk

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. What’s in a name you ask? A single letter can cause the confusion of a lifetime, mind you Juliet. The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) mandated a resolution concerning changing the country’s name from “Pilipinas” to “Filipinas ” as the official country name.

The resolution passed on April 12 by the KWF headed by Virgilio Almario seeks to “return” the former name of the country on the official documents, seals, legal tenders and institutions. The said resolution as quoted, “himuking baguhin ang opisyal na pangalan ng mga institusyon at kapisanang ‘Pilipinas’” would cause a variety of perplexity lying on the changing of long-standing signature names of our country, for instance,University of the Philippines will become “University of the Filipinas” and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will be mandated to change its name to Bangko Sentral ng Filipinas? And to escalate the issue, the BSP claims the biggest headache and frowns upon revising the nation’s legal tenders again after a recent major modification. Official documents, books, maps, stamps are also not spared with these changes.

One can imagine the chaos it may cause. Almario insists that the KWF made the resoulution for the purpose of mapagkaisa ang mga mamayang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng paglinang ng kaalaman sa kasaysayan. But why the need to discriminate P on Pilipinas? If it was a better sense of history we’re after, he may want to explain the history itself. He dug the term Filipinas from Ruy Lopez de Villalobos, another Spaniard who discovered our country. But sadly, Villalobos named our country Las Islas Filipinas so why the omission of the first two words? And wouldn’t Ferdinand Magellan be offended? He discovered the Philippines way before Villalobos did, and he named our country as Archipelago De San Lazaro not Filipinas.

Confusion will also emerge on the term used for the female Filipinos, which is Filipina and could be ambiguously used Filipinas since the plural form is the term is also Filipinas Or wouldn’t the Visayans and the Muslims be denied their part on the nation? Prof. Danny Arao of the Department of Journalism in UP, said that this is illogical since it was only Luzon that was occupied by Villalobos, not Visayas and Mindanao. Even though there is no law regarding the proper use of the language or any constriction whether a term is politically correct or not, it is the public acceptance that is the groundwork for any evolution in the language. But what can we Filipinos do? The term Filipinas is already in use. Let us then welcome all the improvements, this change will have brought, as well as all the turmoil.

CES holds ecowaste management confab

gree-gjcA seminar with the theme “Eco-waste Management” was held last July 12 at the Audio-Visual room.

The said seminar aims to enhance the students? awareness about taking care and maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings. It was joined by all Classroom Officers(President, Vice President and secretary)from different departments. The program proper began with an opening prayer led by Trisha Marie Bernales (CSC Vice president) followed by John Edward Flores(CSC President) who introduced the respected speaker, the Community Extension
Services Coordinator, Mrs. Evelyn Cucio.

Mrs. Cucio gave a very informative talk about maintaining the cleanliness of our campus. After the lecture on disasters and pollution, she asked the audience about what they can do in taking care and maintaining the cleanliness of our environment. Afterwards , he students made pledges of helping in taking care of the environment.

By Noel Dionisio | TheLink

GJC conducts earthquake drill

By Noel Dionisio

General De Jesus College regularly conducts earthquake drills. The last one was held on July 4 so that the everyone may know what to do in case of an earthquake.

The said event aims to let all the students as well as teachers to know the importance of being vigilant and informed in terms of knowing where to go and what to do when an earthquake happens.

The drill was joined by all the students and the teachers. The simulation was repeated three times so that they would get accustomed to the proper protocol.

Mrs. Evelyn Cucio, Community and Extension Services head, noted that the earthquake drill went well as a whole.

“Sa ikalawa at ikatlong beses ay naging mabilis at maayos na ang pagsasagawa nito. As a whole, masasabi kong mas nag-improve tayo ngayon kaysa noong mga nakararaang taon,” Mrs. Cucio said.

Tireless Retirees

by Annalisa P. Francisco

Who says there is no life after retiring? Not for Ma’am Lily (Dr. Leonila C. Gonzales former GJC President) and Ma’am Trining (Trinidad C. Gonzales). After their retirement, they still find time to help others. Aside from gardening which is their pastime, they build and collect books for their library which will help children of Barangay Alua San Isidro to enhance their reading skills. Ma’am Lily says that the books and other educational materials are given by friends and former students.

Last November 17, 2012, the library was opened to children who are interested to learn more and need to improve on their reading skills. Ma’am Lily’s program is not just for reading. Children are also given time to relax by playing educational games such as chess and scrabble. Their brother Sir Virgilio helped in teaching children how to play the games. The children enjoyed their first day because they knew the classic story “Hanzel and Gretel”. Through this, she was able to find out who are good and who need improvement in reading.

An article entitled “Retired but not yet tired” that I read reminds me of Ma’am Lily. As we all know, retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely or a reduce work hours in the case of semi retirement. Who says that after retirement, one’s life is over? As a quotation says, “Retirement may be an ending, a closing” but it is also a new beginning. And this is a new beginning for Ma’am Lily and Ma’am Trining. A new beginning to still find time on how they could be of help to the less fortunate children by initiating program like this.

Ma’am LCG’s library opening and her Reading Program together with the Annalisa Franscisco, Ma’am Trining and children of Brgy Alua,San Isidro, Nueva Ecija. ?2012 Miss Annalisa Francisco

They are ready to help and impart their knowledge to those who need it. Ma’am Lily and Maa’am Trining are an epitome of teachers who do not only give their hearts to the profession of teaching but still leave a legacy by the thing do to help others. They do not just retire from something, but they have something to retire to. As a quotation says, a retired teacher is rewarded poorly if her students remain always a pupil. As far as I know, Ma’am Lily’s students did not remain a pupil because as she quoted in her speech in a seminar entitled “The art of Teaching” : “Old teachers never die; they just live on and on. I will not die for I shall live in all my students whose lives I have touched. I shall live on in Arlene (in the way she speaks), in Cristy (in the way she teaches), in Anna (ehemmm ) (in the way she loves writing) to name a few.
As a parting word, let me share this article I read while I was indexing a periodical. It goes like this.. A Japanese old man was about to retire. Someone asked him to picture what retirement for him. The old man drew a picture of what he thought retirement would be like. On a large sheet of paper, the man outlined a stick figure of a man gazing up several red bells such as OVERSEAS TRIPS and CUTE GRANDCHILDREN. Then next to the happy fellow he sketched another figure – one that looked despondently at balloons bordered in black, holding words LONELINESS, BEDRIDDEN and POOR. The old man sighed and questioned?”How can I get over the barrier that separates the happy side of retirement from the dark side?

We have same question, right? Ma’am Lily and Ma’am Trining choose the happy side of retirement. They may not have children or grandchildren to gaze up to.. but all their students serve as their children and grandchildren. Happy to know that they have touched their lives to become what they are now. Knowing they become successful because they shared something to make them what they are now. Hope these little children will finish what they have started for they are the ones who will benefit from this program. What do we choose when we retire? – Will it be the RED BELLS or BALOONS BORDERED IN BLACK? It?s all up to us …

(Ma’am Lily and Ma’am Trining’s reading program is scheduled every Saturday at 2:00 – 4:00pm..)

About Annalisa P. Francisco
High School Lab 4 ’88
Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English ’92
Master of Arts in Library Science – FEU ’98

CCTV Cameras Installed

General de Jesus College is not only into the education of the students, but also into the safety of the gjcians, staffs, and the school itself.

There may be guards and ?patrols? roaming around the school, but for more insurance of safety closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras?are installed in different areas of the school.

Now, the school will be well monitored, and the safety will be more guaranteed.


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